Boo πŸ‘»

Pumpkins, hello again ♡
Yes Halloween is already over but, never in my heart, everyday is Halloween for me hehe.
This isn't a long post or anything just wanted to share with you this quick video i made, and hopefully you like the Makeup~

Products used : Lethal Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette Maybelline Superstay Ink Liquid Lipstick in the shade Escapist Dahab Lenses in Lumiere Gray Yves Rocher Mascara Feel Stronger
Hope you like the video or makeup and have a Lovely Night Sweetie Pies ♡

Chicken Nuggets Burrito 🌯

Hello hello Pumpkins ♡

I am finally back after many many months of endless work, guess i'll have to make a post about that later.. but YES i am back and what's better than food to be back on track hehe.

So just like everybody i just crave for some food at any given time, aaand sometimes i am too lazy to be fancy about my food. So yeah i will be sharing with you my quick "Chicken Nuggets Burrito" recipe.

So what you will need is :
Chicken Nuggets (obviously) Shredded lettuce Kebab sauce Chicken spices Mexican spices mix Grated cheese Tortilla bread

So, first of all, put some oil in a frying pan and turn on the heat, next, lay down the tortilla and place the shredded lettuce in the center :

After that, put your Nuggets in the hot oil to fry until they turn golden brown, for my i used four nuggets, you can use less or more depending on your preferences. Once they're done, lay them on top of the lettuce :

Then, add the spices, there is no precise portion each their liking. Add th…

Yves Rocher limited edition Bath & Body Set

Well Hello Sweet Pumpkins
I'm back! Yes i haven't posted anything for quite a while now but what to do? I come back home really tired from work BUT i decided that i didn't need to make you wait any longer to talk to you about 
Christmas limited edition Yves Rocher gift set!
Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way~ na na na na ♪ Uhm.. Well just like any other brand every year Yves Rocher comes up with gift sets for Christmas and New Year and as always they come with such cute packaging and designs it makes me scream internally awwww!!
But without further ado, let's get into ZE gift set. As i mentioned in the title this is a Bath & Body set. It comes with a Loofah, Hand cream, body lotion and body wash gel.

Let's talk about the loofah. First of all it's a cute little red loofah yeah yeah we know joy we've seen loofahs before BUT the second thing is, have you ever had a loofah that smelled good actually? You know how they have a plastic like smell, well t…

Having Sisters πŸ˜—

Good Morning Pumpkins.

Many of you single childs or those who have brothers only might be wondering "How's life with sisters?" Well you might guess, i have sisters, two to be specific. And if you want to know how's life with sisters the answer is .. I don't know.
Why? Simply because my sisters moved when i was still a little girl. When they used to live with us, i wasn't at the age where i could chit chat with them or hang out with them or anything like that. For a child i didn't care that much, but once i grew up and noticed that my sisters were like strangers for me it kind of.. broke my heart..

You might be saying "Come on! Saying that your sisters are strangers is a bit harsh" well, technically speaking they're not, but it felt kinda horrible when i talked to them on the phone and felt shy and embarrassed. I basically couldn't act around them like they were my sisters, couldn't tease them or be comfortable while talking or ask them …

Not Pepperoni Pizza?

Hello Sweet Pumpkins.

Today i wanted to share with you this delicious Pepperoni Pizza.. but wait! That's not Pepperoni Pizza, That's a raspberry pie!!
How are you doing lovelies? So today i just wanted to make a quick and unexpected post about what to do with leftovers? We all know how it's kind of annoying to make a pie or any pastry and have leftovers. 
Today i was making a raspberry cheesecake and have leftover crust and raspberry pulp, should i throw them? No of course not. So what i did instead was, after i was done with the cheesecake, i rolled my leftover pie crust into a small circle and folded in the corners, i then took a fork and poked some holes in it and popped it in the oven until it was perfectly done, about 15 minutes.
For my cheesecake i had to only use the juice from the raspberries so i had the pulp left, let's say it resembles jam. I then spreaded the "jam" on the crust and topped it off with some sliced bananas. 
Bonne AppΓ©tit Cuties ♡

Raspberry Clafoutis 🍰

Well Hello Cutie Pies.

Today i wanted to share with you this really yummy raspberry clafoutis recipe. It's really delicious, really sweet and slightly sour with each raspberry bite.
Before i get to the recipe i just wanted to tell you, please always read the recipe thoroughly  and never take action before reading the whole recipe, because you might miss the slightest detail that could completely change the result. However much you find the recipe long and boring to read, remember the person is trying to let you get the bestest results out of the recipe by explaining and giving tips and details.
Now on to the recipe :
A batch of raspberries 2 eggs 70g of sugar 7g of vanilla sugar 20g melted butter 100ml milk 80g of flour

Originally this was a recipe that called for apples but i decided to try raspberries instead. Preheat your oven to 170°C or 338°F. So you want to mix all the ingredients together and there you go your batter is ready. 

(It should have the consistency of a crepe batter)
Take a c…

Nectar of Nature/Beauty by LCD Paris ~Review~

Good Evening Pumpkins.
We all know about those Hella expensive health care products that you may get for more than 20$ each and develop an alergic reaction later.. Sucks to spend a lot of money on something that will go in a trash can.
However there's a brand called "Les Cosmetiques Design Paris" or "LCD Paris" that make two range of health care products that they call "Nectar of Nature" for all that is shampoos, conditionners, hair masks, exfloiators, etc.. and "Nectar of Beauty" for all that is hand wash, lip balms, colognes, etc..
What's special about this brand again, are the really affordable prices for really great products. I needed to get some health care products and decided to pick up some of that brand to talk to you about it.

So i got a hand gel, body scrub, cologne and a lip balm. I don't know about you but i think they use really unique ingredients. While other brands go for strawberry, almond, vanilla and other similar stu…