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Yves Rocher limited edition Bath & Body Set

Well Hello Sweet Pumpkins
I'm back! Yes i haven't posted anything for quite a while now but what to do? I come back home really tired from work BUT i decided that i didn't need to make you wait any longer to talk to you about 
Christmas limited edition Yves Rocher gift set!
Jingle bells jingle bells, jingle all the way~ na na na na ♪ Uhm.. Well just like any other brand every year Yves Rocher comes up with gift sets for Christmas and New Year and as always they come with such cute packaging and designs it makes me scream internally awwww!!
But without further ado, let's get into ZE gift set. As i mentioned in the title this is a Bath & Body set. It comes with a Loofah, Hand cream, body lotion and body wash gel.

Let's talk about the loofah. First of all it's a cute little red loofah yeah yeah we know joy we've seen loofahs before BUT the second thing is, have you ever had a loofah that smelled good actually? You know how they have a plastic like smell, well t…

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